AIA Vitality Tower

Boosting Your Well-being

Hero Up!  360 Photo-shooting Real Life Zone
In order to highlight AIA Vitality, a high tower structure is deliberately designed to stand out itself within the European Carnival. This “AIA Vitality Gym Tower” is a healthy game field that filled with high vibe, in which everyone get involved will be motivated. A 360 degrees photo booth will shoot energetic photos of you and friends together and make you HEROES - by putting your 3D photos onto the TOWER! You participate & get rewards.

The Team:
Company:  Pico International Team (Creative Director : Margaret Lam)

Senior Producer: Carol Cheng


Spice Up!  Light Show
A 2 minute pre-programmed neon-light show will be on every hour. Capturing attention and boost up the vibe.

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