Clipsal, Pan-Asia Region.

Creative Campaign : An Outstanding Design is an In-Standing Design


Photo Courtesy: yU+co[lab]

An Artisitic Edge on Hightened Intellectual Level :
One of the featured projects of artisitic pursuits can be shown through the brand camapgin for Clipsal. The brief was to launch a revolutionary design product - named “Zencelo” full-flat switch - in Pan-Asia market. Client would like to launch it with a specifically unique campaign that could go beyond traditional commercial approaches. A creative concept were then conceived with an artistic edge on a heightened intellectual level, which was intended to challenge the audience with the assumption of "outstanding" with a design product.

A Critical Reflection for Design Enthusiasts -  Strategic Narration :
The concept idea was basically a creative reflection through the mind of a professional designer. In the TVC commercial video creation, the narrative play around the verbal words, where a critical statement was cited : “An Outstanding design is an In-standing Design.” In such intellectual saying, the phrase  “In-standing” was referring to the total flatness of new sleek switch.


Scenographic Art Production - Provoking Script - Shooting - Post-production :

The aim of the campaign was to create a visually-stunning, arty and thoughtful video that could breakthrough the market's norm. The story line was started off with a thought-provoking script, which led to a scenographic approach in scene creations during shooting stage. High quality post-production was implemented to further the imagination. A sense of staging was a unique feature throughout the artistic production.


TVC Video - Creative Production

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Photo Courtesy: yU+co[lab]

Intellectual Thinking with Artistic Story-flow - Challenging the Audience's Mind
Monologue Script:

What is an Outstanding Design?  Should a design stand out?

...If graphics stand out, we’ll have to jump!  ...If a painting stands out, we’ll have to touch it. ...If language stands out, it’ll fill up the space.

Maybe, design should not talk too much. It should embrace the people, the environment.  An Outstanding Design is an In-standing design.

Photo Courtesy: yU+co[lab]
Photo Courtesy: yU+co[lab]

Scenographic Art Production

A sense of stage in scene creations



Photo Courtesy: yU+co[lab]

Print Ad

Photo Courtesy: yU+co[lab]

The Team:
Advertising Agency:  We Communications Creative Team  (Creative and Senior Copywriter : Margaret Lam)

Director and Production Partnership : Red Society Films