Nissin Cup Noodles, HK.

Creative Campaign : Spicy Crab Attack


An Idea Spicing Up the Brand :
Cup Noodles, the most loved instant ramen brand in Hong Kong, intended to bring more surprise especially in inventing really spicy flavors! However, it is such a challenging market due to a major shift in cultural preference for food. Cup Noodles is facing a huge competition. So, how can we launch the two new spicy crab flavors, create a buzz and spice up the brand? We came up with a creative idea called “Spicy Crab Attack” !

Movie-like Stunt -  Strategic Narration :
We created a brand commercial with much more stimulus, and made it movie-like. In order to excite our audience on top of spiciness, we captured a fight amongst fierce crabs, Twins and Merlion on a beach that finally created the new Cup Noodles. With special visual effect and audio treatment, the brand commercial becomes a stunt!


Creative Art Production - Spreading the Impact :

This concept idea had successfully spiced up our audience. The impact spread to major food scene, got people’s attention across the city, and finally, we even caught people’s love in the airport. Now, Cup Noodles fully maintains its top-of-mind awareness in town again, by always recalling the surprise of “Spicy Crab Attack” !



The Team:
Advertising Agency:  J. Walter Thompson (Worldwide, HK) Creative Team  (Creative Director : Margaret Lam)

Director and Production Partnership : Film Factory