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Creative Campaign : An Interpretation of Infinity in Life


Interpreting Infinity :
This project was created as a launch for a scenic property situated in the coastline of Hong Kong. By picking infinity as a creative edge, the campaign had differentiated the brand from the so-called conventional luxury lifestyle. The strategic decision had helped to define the creative direction, and to focus on the targeted audience - creative young group - who seek for infinite imaginations.

Scenic Visuals and Novelistic Narrations :
Two videos were produced along the creative platform: Life of Infinity. A free-association approach was introduced to create scenic visuals and novelistic narrations. Two perspectives were examined - “Infinity of Imagination about the Seas” and “Infinity of Conversation under the Sky” - in order to offer different cut-through angles to relate to the core thoughts.


Poetic Approach in Production - Stimulating Desires :

Personal desires was provoked through the cinematic style as well as the poetic delivery of words. The communication emphasized on visual cues and suggestions, in the belief that people should be inspired, rather than be explained.

TVC Video - Creative Production

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Free-association Approach

Interplay with cinematic style and poetic delivery of words

Two Perspectives were Examined.   Cutting-through Same Core Thoughts.

“Infinity of Imagination about the Seas” and “Infinity of Conversation under the Sky”

Print Ad - 3 Versions

Outdoor - MTR station platform / 12-sheet

The Team:
Advertising Agency:  M&C Saatchi Creative Team  (Creative and Copywriter : Margaret Lam)

Director and Production Partnership : Anothermountainman



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