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The new Puma IGNITE is lauching globally. "DON'T RUN. IGNITE." is the spirit of the whole campaign. With its specific Engergy Return feature, Puma not just enable you to run, but ignite everyone's full potentil from within - which you have never experienced before. When it comes to a launch in Asia, TRANSCREATION is needed. SInce the challenge comes from the original meaning that client wants to communicate, the work in Asia should convey the essence of IGNITE in a language with cultural relevance, in order to inspire the audience to feel the pride of running. 









Tech Ad,

Product Features,

Online Adaptation




Outdoor 12-sheet




Graffiti Wall - Seoul

The Team:
Advertising Agency:  J. Walter Thompson (Worldwide, HK) Creative Team  (Creative Director : Margaret Lam)




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